Sugarless Eton Mess

Eton mess is probably one of the most heavenly desserts on earth. This is wat Jamie Oliver says about it on his recipe page in his signature Jamie-way: “Eton mess is such a classic old-school dessert – whack this in the middle of the table and everyone will go crazy! ”

Eton mess: fruit, meringue and cream
Eton mess: fruit, meringue and cream

Friends L. and F. threw a dinner party and they were delighted to announce that Eton mess would be on the menu. Another ‘temptation milestone’ in my 90-day-challenge and P. was already looking forward to his double dessert.

But L. was so kind to alert the chef, who created à l’improviste the perfect alternative with Greek yoghurt, mixed forest fruits and chopped nuts.

So who needs sugar anyway when you’re in good company?

P.S. Theoretically you could prepare sugarless Eton mess, albeit that you almost need a degree in physics to beat a stiff foam out off egg whites without using sugar (alchemists use vinegar and corn starch to foam up and add stability).

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